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Change and Challenges: 2 top manufacturing content marketing trends

content marketing for manufacturers continues to mature according to this data from Global Spec. 6% remain in "First Steps" maturity. 19% say their organization is "Young" at content marketing. 33% report being "Adolescent." 33% report "Mature" and 6% report "Sophisticated."

What did manufacturers have to say about content marketing success in manufacturing for 2021?  That main takeaway I got from reading the full report was this: 2021 was a year for many changes in content marketing for manufacturers.

Top trends in content marketing: Changing strategies & increasing resources

Have you been making strategic content marketing changes in your company? If not, maybe it’s time to consider some of the changes other manufacturers are making.

Of the surveyed marketing professionals in the manufacturing industry:

  • 70% implemented strategy changes related to targeting and/or messaging
  • 60% made adjustments to their editorial calendar
  • 57% invested more in social media and/or online communities
  • 51% modified their distribution and promotion strategy for content
  • 91% expected some of the changes they made to remain longterm


How manufacturers do content marketing

Manufacturing companies face some challenges in getting content marketing done well. As reflected in the visual above, only 39% of manufacturing marketers rate their organization’s content marketing maturity level at mature or above. However, a large portion of marketers moved up in their maturity level compared to past surveys.

We can expect content marketing for manufacturing companies to continue to mature. Likewise, confidence will also improve.

The statistics below provide an overview of how content marketing gets done by manufacturing firms.

  • The majority of surveyed companies (60%) have one person or a very small team handling their content marketing.
  • More than half (61%) outsource some or all of their content marketing. Outsourced activities may include strategy, content creation, placement and distribution, and content promotion.
  • Content creation is the most commonly outsourced activity.
  • 82% placed paid content, including social media advertising.
  • Budget issues affected 53% of respondents.
  • 61% of manufacturers struggled to find content creators knowledgeable about manufacturing topics.
  • When it comes to measurable ROI, 51% reported that it is a challenge.


What type of content do manufacturing companies produce?

It’s interesting to see that video content is catching up with email content marketing in terms of prevalence. Below are the percentages of respondents who produced and shared each type of content:

  • 81% included email newsletters in their content strategy.
  • 79% produced blog posts and/or short stories.
  • 79% used videos in their content portfolio.
  • 55% employed virtual events/webinars, up from only 39% in the previous year.

The pandemic drove video and virtual event marketing forward at a faster pace. The popularity of these formats will likely persist.

What business goals are supported by content marketing?

In 2021, manufacturing marketers reported using content marketing to successfully support the following business goals:

  • Build credibility and/or trust
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Grow subscribers

Given the effectiveness of content marketing to achieve these goals, many companies have made plans for increased investment. Top plans for content marketing investment moving forward included spending more on content creation and implementing website enhancements.

Get a copy of the full report on content marketing for manufacturers from GlobalSpec.

What plans does your company have for improving your B2B content marketing strategy?

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