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Any agency offering an SEO guide for manufacturing companies should have a clear comprehension of the modern B2B manufacturing marketing paradigm.

Our customers remind us—new leads, and converts, are coming more often based on their manufacturing prospect’s own preliminary research.

SEO Best Practices for a B2B Industrial Company

How easy is it for clients and future customers to easily pinpoint your website, your products and services landing pages, consume your content and media, find answers, contact you, etc.?

It’s never been more important to create brand awareness and build a relationship of trust and credibility with your B2B customers and prospects than it is right now.

  • We are a manufacturing agency. Trust us.

Recent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) statistics show more than 70 percent of B2B researchers now begin their research with basic Google searches.

A Google mindset.

The ability of current and future customers to find you online is the lifeblood of a B2B manufacturing organization. Trade shows and the occasional media kit used to be enough to saturate a B2B manufacturing audience.

Those days have passed.

Your B2B SEO Strategy 2023—Overview

Even a slight variation in direction, when travelling a great distance, has enormous potential to impact the ultimate destination. SEO isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And under the right circumstances, it doesn’t have to feel like one.

Why SEO matters:

  • 80% of major purchases begin with online research
  • 70% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 65,000 search queries per second


  • How do we track and analyze our effectiveness?

Successful manufacturing SEO strategy tends to center on the application of authentic, legitimate techniques. That should pair with measurable results—and strong brand identity is always a good start.

Marketing and analytic technologies and methodologies can be used to deliver simplified sales—at an accelerated rate. That’s our $0.02 worth.

We believe in transparency and accountability, which means your ROI should be measurable and explainable. The results should be illustrated and communicable.

Important technical SEO efforts for 2023:

Click-ability: How your website is structured can make a big difference. It should be easy to navigate. Make it so prospects can procure the desired information in no more than two clicks from any given page.

Faster Load Times: Attention spans are shrinking. Time-sensitive B2B visitors will bounce. You have only seconds. Ensuring fast load times on your individual web pages not only earns you Google “points,” it captures their attention, faster.

Mobile-friendly: Ensure your website renders appropriately on mobile devices. To make sure, test it across various platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

  • Increase quality of stops at your manufacturing website

People often come to StratMg in search of SEO guidance on the benefits—the benefits of SEO for small business owners, SEO tips for manufacturing companies, SEO tips for industrial companies.

They may appear with questions about the “why” or “how” but are generally concerned with the “how often” and “when”—in terms of getting there.

You may not be as concerned specifically about the importance of optimizing your metadata, header tags, “vanity” URLs or inbound links, etc. But you are probably interested in Google’s ability to rapidly direct a potential manufacturing customer to important buyer journey information on your website.

  • What does it mean for me?

How will future customers find us? How can we lead them here? What tools are needed to get and keep them looking our way?

An important thing to note when considering SEO tips for manufacturing companies is you have a choice whether you want to get bogged down in the technical details.

SEO takes time. But it doesn’t have to require much of yours.

  • Wasted time/investment vs. Obtaining positive results via industry specific SEO

The next word or phrase typed by your prospect into Google could lead directly, or indirectly, to your manufacturing doorstep. It’s worth calling out that this may only require seconds to achieve.

Every manufacturer is unique. Some may be looking to keep their sales pipeline full via qualified lead generation—and with positive ROI. Some are fine tuning their efforts by turning toward marketing automation platforms.

Lean in on manufacturing SEO strategy, and the keyword optimization and content development services can be built directly in.

Few facts:

  • Top marketing activities include the development of quality SEO content, local link building, on-site optimization
  • Nearly half of companies = New automated approach to listing management
  • SEO campaigns that track ROI achieved an uptick that was significantly higher than PPC campaigns

Statistics show that approximately 60 percent of B2B marketers are getting more leads from SEO than any other marketing initiative. It may be a combination of efforts that gets you across the SEO finish line.

  • What’s another way to view SEO tips for manufacturers? SEO tips for industrial manufacturers?

Optimizing your website and social media helps tear down barriers to entry, making you easier to find, land on. To learn if you’re the right company to buy from and do business with.

Look at it this way:

You set up a marketing booth at a trade show. That’s great! Let’s say that’s your “website.” So having a website or an online presence today without SEO is like investing in a booth at a trade show and then just walking away!

You wouldn’t.

It’s the same idea with SEO. An optimized website and that first SEO push is important. To achieve results, the real effort in many cases is simply showing up.

Your SEO should be able to:

  • Be set up
  • Be given the right push
  • Be placed on autopilot…with the right partner

Achieving maximum results and keeping the momentum going requires little more than keeping the lights turned on.

  • Practical solutions with demonstrable results?

With the right SEO guide for manufacturing companies, the people who are looking for more action, and less tech-heavy marketing jargon, are likely best poised for the most growth potential.

Tweaking existing copy to include various keyword phrases or an email campaign to improve the number—and quality—of organic visitors, as examples, is only part of it.

Other B2B SEO strategy technical considerations:

–Duplicate web content vs Optimized relationship with Google, etc

–Broken links (404-page errors) vs Easier for Google, et al to validate credibility

–Insufficient header tag optimization vs Keywords and phrases that draw customers, faster

–No Google analytics set up vs Tracking capabilities allow for better sense of ROI

–Remaining unaware of red flags vs Minor tweaks that result in marketing differentiation

Standing out from B2B competitors in a “digital first” world isn’t easy. But it helps to have a defined strategy that at least ensures all SEO technical requirements are met. Some companies are fine-tuning their efforts by turning toward marketing automation platforms.

The need for a trusted SEO partnership to complement in-house capabilities, or “be” the team, is easy to understand when considering:

  • Near-immediate benefit vs. lack of metrics or lack of insights with some traditional marketing activities

When you partner with StratMg, you are partnering with a team, not a generic, anonymous vendor.

For more than a decade, we have been producing SEO tips on behalf of manufacturing companies in B2B marketing spaces. We’ve used it to generate new growth areas for clients—they rarely slow down.

Not only do we understand your business, and your industry, we understand the complexities of B2B manufacturing and manufacturing SEO strategy.

  • Our approach is 100% transparent and based on your needs

When optimizing SEO elements for manufacturing companies, our clients trust us to help identify and correct any potential red flags. For many, investing in SEO was one of the best decisions they could have made.

There is more information about our approach to SEO on StratMg’s website, and we hope you find value in it.

If you have questions about your SEO performance or strategy, we’d like to learn more. We believe we can help.

As always, feel free to reach out to the team anytime to request a chat, or find us on LinkedIn to follow along, learn more.

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