Digital End-to-End Customer Engagement

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Become More Customer Centric with Digital E2E Customer Engagement

Digital End-to-End Customer Engagement is one way to increase customer-centric traits as a company. The visual shows that "Customer-centricity (58%) ranks as the most important organizational characteristic in establishing a truly 'digital-native' culture, according to an Econsultancy survey of relevant senior staff .... Being data-driven (40%) also emerges as a key characteristic, per the report, with these top 2 characteristics also considered most important in an effective leader for the digital age." (Marketing Charts) The chart also shows that 28% thought "innovative" was the most important; 38% thought "collaborative" was the most important, and 26% chose "agile" as the most important.


This next installment in our series on ​​Mastering Digital Sales Transformation
looks at digital end-to-end customer engagement.

As more and more “digital natives” work in buyer roles, industrial manufacturers need to transition the sales experience more and more online. Let’s look at how digital end-to-end (E2E) customer engagement fits into this picture.


What is Digital E2E Customer Engagement?

Digital E2E customer engagement is an integrated system of tools representing each stage of the sales process. Companies adapting to today’s world are moving the full sales experience online—from start to finish.


Benefits of a Fully Digitized Customer Experience

Digitizing the customer experience leads to greater revenue and increased profits. Revenue and profit growth occurs due to enhanced customer loyalty and greater competitive advantage.

  • Of companies that improve the digital customer experience, 84% will see revenue increases
  • Leading digital E2E customer engagement companies outperform laggards by nearly 80%
  • Overall, customer-centric companies generate 4-8% higher revenue compared to industry averages
  • 39% of CEOs see improving customer experience as the best way to create a competitive advantage


Top 5 Tools for Digital E2E Customer Engagement

Leaders in digital E2E customer engagement rely on customer-centric tools for data gathering, transactions, marketing, and sales.

Here are the top five E2E tools leaders use:

  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking to provide constant awareness of customer perceptions
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfaces to expedite the exchange of data and streamline transactions between companies and their customers
  • Customer-Specific Marketing Campaigns to meet customers where they are on the buyer journey
  • Personalized Customer Content After Login to ease the buying process
  • Online Product and Service Configurators to empower buyers to do more online


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