Thankful for Manufacturers Like You

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Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at StratMg!

Real GDP by Sector: Percentage Change from previous period

As a strategic marketing partner for industrial manufacturers, we know what this year has been like for you. And, we’re keenly aware of all the reasons to be thankful for manufacturers like you.

Manufacturing: A Story of Resilience

The past couple years have been hard on manufacturers: A pandemic, trade wars, natural and man-made disasters, and more.

In spite of all of this, manufacturers are persisting, recovering, and growing.

We wanted to pause and reflect on the good news of manufacturing success in the U.S.

  • Manufacturing accounts for 12% of the US economy.
  • The manufacturing sector generated $6.4 trillion toward the Q1 2021 GDP in the US.
  • Manufacturing continues to show great resilience, with factory orders up 17.6% year-over-year, and showing continued growth.

Thankful for the People in Manufacturing

We’re grateful for the applied ingenuity and hard work that’s behind the sustained strength of manufacturing. We know that . . .

  • Real people are behind the continued strength of manufacturers.
  • Real leaders are bringing together teams of hardworking, highly-skilled workers.

We know many of you by name. Whether we talk regularly, or have never talked, I want to personally express my appreciation and gratitude for all you do! All Americans can be thankful for manufacturers like you.

I also wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at StratMg!


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