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Boost Marketing ROI Up to 208% Through Aligned Sales & Marketing Teamwork

ROI on show how industrial manufacturing lead generation increases with alignment of sales and marketing teams. 38% more deals closed. 27% more 3-year profit growth, 208% more markeitng revenue growth

B2B Sales Teams Are Missing 80% of Qualified Leads

In today’s complex sales climate, industrial manufacturing sales and marketing teams must work together seamlessly. Yet, 2019 research found that, B2B sales reps spend about 50% of their time prospecting unproductive deals—while missing 80% of the most qualified leads. Few companies can afford this kind of climate, and yet it persists.

Every year industrial manufacturing companies lose sales and waste resources due to misalignment between marketing and sales. Only when marketing and sales work in harmony will you get the best ROI on your marketing spend.

How Do You Align Sales and Marketing for Better ROI?

This kind of team work requires two-way communication flow. Following are some tips to help align marketing & sales team without having to restructure entire departments or current processes –

  1. Articulate an agile process that enables marketing to arm sales with prospect intelligence, i.e. the prospect journey and their entire engagement with your company.
  2. Create a 360-loop feedback from sales. The clearer the perspective for marketing w.r.t. an acceptable qualified lead, the better marketing can do to generate more of those. Plus, it creates a benchmark for marketing to gauge effectiveness.
  3. Leverage third-party technologies such as a Marketing Automation Platform to help streamline & automate the marketing-sales communications.

Manufacturing Lead Generation Critical Success Factors

For more details on how to align your manufacturing marketing and sales teams and other Critical Success Factors for Industrial Manufacturing Lead Generation, get our free white paper on the topic.  Click here to access Lead Generation 2.1 Critical Success Factors. Or, as always, we are happy to consult with you about your company’s sales-driven marketing needs. Contact us to get started.

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