150 New Capital Projects in Industrial Manufacturing = Sales Opportunities

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Is your company positioned to be a supplier for new industrial projects?

2019 and 2020 Industrial Manufacturing Capital Projects by Month

2019 and 2020 industrial manufacturing capital projects by month


2021 Industrial Manufacturing Capital Projects to Date by Month

2021 January and February industrial manufacturing capital expenditures by month


Salesleads reported on new industrial manufacturing capital spending projects announced in February. It looks promising! The list included 128 new Manufacturing Facilities projects and 53 new Distribution and Industrial Warehouse projects. The largest project came in at $650M in planned spending. 

Project breakdown:

  • 42 new construction projects
  • 55 planned expansions
  • 62 planned renovations or upgrades

What does all of this mean for you?

  • First, it’s a great sign of health in the sector to see projects exceeding where they were at pre-pandemic in 2019.
  • Second, this activity increases opportunities for sales of each and every component, product, and piece of equipment that goes into industrial production facilities and warehouses.

Projects will take place in 10 states, and 35 of the projects are in Great Lakes states. For example, two automotive manufacturing facilities—one in Michigan and one in Ohio—plan to invest $168M in equipment renovations and upgrades.

Buyers for these project will be online searching for suppliers. Your sales team knows how to pursue identified leads, but is your website optimized to get you found by buyers searching online? Get noticed and keep the attention of buyers by ensuring your website says all the right things in the right way.

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