B2B Website Content Goals for the Buyer’s Journey

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Capture More Sales by Filling Any Website Content Gaps for Your B2B Buyer’s Journey

B2B website content goals should be based on stages of the buyer's journey funnel. This chart shows the top content for each stage.

Making website improvements? For the best ROI, place your B2B website content goals in the context of the B2B buyer’s journey. Optimizing website content at every stage of the buyer’s journey will –

  • Improve digital marketing ROI
  • Achieve lower Cost per Lead (CPL)
  • Generate more qualified leads

Characteristics of a B2B Marketing Funnel

  • B2B buyer’s journeys are more complex than B2C journeys.
  • B2B purchases require more research.
  • One or more people may be completing the six B2B buying jobs.
  • Ultimately, more stakeholders in the B2B purchase mean more decision-makers.

Combined, these factors require strategic content focused on B2B buyer’s needs and wants every step of the buyer’s journey.

Top of Funnel B2B Content Strategy

What do we mean by “Top of Funnel”? Top of funnel refers to the beginning of the B2B buyer’s journey.

As marketers, we need to attract many more potential buyers than our sales target. Depending on your website conversion rate, you will need as many as 100 leads for every 2-to-5 customers.

So, top of funnel content mainly drives lead generation.

B2B website content goals for the Top Funnel stage:

  • SEO to attract attention from a relevant target audience
  • Brand awareness about solutions to buyer’s problems and needs
  • Getting potential customers “in the door” through form conversion

Most effective Top-of-Funnel B2B website content:

  • Blogs (72%)
  • Infographics (66%)
  • Videos (64%)
  • Concise white papers: summary-level, snackable content (41%)
  • Research: third-party, analyst, or internal (33%)

Mid-Funnel B2B Content Strategy

Think of “Mid-Funnel” in the B2B marketing funnel as the consideration stage. This may last minutes to months depending on the industry. Today’s B2B buyer’s decide faster than ever, and the content in this stage keeps you in the consideration pool.

B2B website content goals for Mid-Funnel:

  • Hold the buyer’s attention with information-rich content
  • Stay in the consideration pool!
  • Show the buyer how your solution will benefit them

Most effective Mid-Funnel B2B website content:

  • Virtual events (56%)
  • Webcasts (53%)
  • Concise white papers: summary-level, “snackable” (49%)
  • Customer case studies (43%)
  • In-depth white papers and e-books (42%)
  • Research: internal (42%)
  • Research: third-party, analyst (35%)

Bottom of Funnel B2B Content Strategy

What does “Bottom of Funnel” look like in B2B marketing? At this stage, we’re getting to the point where marketing and sales need to seamlessly align. Buyers at this stage of the B2B journey are ready to buy.

Bottom-of-the-funnel content needs to persuade buyers to make a purchase from your company. What’s the best way to persuade? Highlight the aspects of your products that best fit your buyer’s priorities. Genuine interest in the customer’s best interest will show you value relationships and can be trusted.

B2B website content goals for the Bottom of Funnel:

  • Engage with your sales team
  • Convert from prospect to customer

Most effective Bottom-of-Funnel content:

  • In-depth white papers and e-books (46%)
  • Customer case studies (39%)
  • Research: third-party, analyst (30%)

I hope this gets you thinking about how to map out content for every step of the B2B buyer’s journey. We’d enjoy talking with you about your website goals and performance.

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