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We believe in Results. . . Period

Welcome to our new website, made with you in mind! It may sound cliché, but at StratMG we mean it – our core identity is – Results…period! Because our clients’ successes are what matter to us the most. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of this wonderful resource! Our site is here to educate you with insightful content and context on strategies and tactics to consistently grow your revenues through sales-driven marketing initiatives.

You see, we want to be your trusted partner, and, to gain your trust, we believe it is imperative we openly share the what, why, and how to move your measurable efforts forward. That’s the mission of the new site! Take a look around!

The site simplifies a growth strategy and execution structure for you – Make customers. Manage Customers. Monetize Customers. This is in addition to our white papers, blogs and other useful tools. In other words, it’s news you can use.

So please, whether you are just embarking on a concerted sales-driven marketing initiative or have a veteran team onboard looking to add layers of efficiencies and sophistication, look around. If, while exploring, you find your questions unanswered then send me a note and I will personally address them, our team will thank you for helping our online resource be better and more helpful to your peers.



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With over two decades of experience, Parin leads an expert demand-generation agency, StratMg, that helps industrial manufacturing clients achieve unambiguous and quantified organic sales growth across the US, EMEA & APAC.

Parin has built & positioned StratMg to be a value-added marketing services provider that strives to create a culture of quantified sales-driven marketing initiatives leading to sustained business growth through channel management, diversification, new customer acquisition and retention strategies and tactical execution.

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