Supply Chain Transparency = Business Growth

[dot_recommends] December 8, 2020 Manufacturing Trends

Using Supply Chain Transparency to develop a deeper relationship resulting in business growth.


Supply Chain Transparency Leads to Manufacturing Growth

The pandemic has influenced how we do business along with buyer expectations.

A recent study showed that supply chain awareness, which increased during COVID, is still growing along with the desire for sustainability, both in products produced and in the supply chain itself. As a result, more business decisions by your customers are being made based on these factors. 

So, how do you promote and embrace sustainability? Are you being transparent and sharing key supply chain information with your customers? If not, this is an excellent opportunity to incorporate it into your marketing and sales messaging. 

Use your outreach to humanize your relationship – tell your story, share your learnings, educate your customers – be a partner! This will translate to a deep relationship built on trust in turn resulting in high quality leads that result in business growth. 

At StratMg, we do that! We help manufacturers grow by positioning you as a partner and NOT a supplier.  Visit our extensive content library to learn how to develop a sustained sales pipeline or Contact us.  Always happy to share our experiences and learnings.

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