Annual Strategic Marketing Planning: Ask Your Customers!

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Grow by Anticipating Customer Priorities

annual strategic marketing planning benefits from customer surveys that provide feedback on satisfaction and guide innovation. The image shows how higher satisfaction scores relate to higher loyalty


As you embark on annual strategic marketing planning, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do you know about your customers’ changing priorities and values?
  • Have you considered making marketing research a bigger part of your planning process?

Some research can be done periodically while other research may be better integrated into your sales process. Let’s look at one form of research as an example: customer surveys.

Customer surveys give manufacturers insight into buyers’ needs and preferences. Routinely surveying customers at sale completion—as well as lost customers on what went wrong—will generate ongoing data. If you have a new product development question or want more in-depth feedback, consider a special survey project.

Benefits of Customer Surveys

Customer surveys provide more than satisfaction ratings. Surveys can be designed to help you anticipate trends and gain a competitive advantage.

Create a meaningful customer survey to get actionable results. I recommend you work with an objective partner to help craft an optimal survey. It can be hard to do solely in house. You’re so close to your company you could unintentionally introduce bias to the process.

Tips for Survey Success

  • Set a clear objective
  • Keep the survey to no more than 10 minutes
  • Design quality questions
  • Make most questions single click response items
  • Ask the tough questions that may challenge your assumptions
  • Consider offering an incentive for participation
  • Supplement responses with interviews for greater understanding


Using Feedback to Retain and Attract Customers

Using the feedback you get from customer surveys, make changes that address their needs and preferences. Listen to their views on where your company excels and communicate that excellence in your marketing. Prioritize improvements based on what will improve buyer experiences.

If you’d like to discuss your annual strategic marketing planning, get in touch with StratMg!

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