Fun Finds Friday: Lightning Bugs

Did you know that Lightning Bugs are actually Beetles? Consider these fun facts about these delightful insects: The family...

Annual Strategic Marketing Planning: Ask Your Customers!

  As you embark on annual strategic marketing planning, ask yourself these questions: How much do you know about...

Mastering Digital Sales Transformation

B2B customers want a digital sales experience. Industrial manufacturers have been slow to respond. A recent survey found that...

Fun Finds Friday: Commercialized Space Flight

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut? Today, you may be closer to finding out...

Marketing Manufacturing Sourcing Practices to Boost Buyer Confidence

We all know that consumers increasingly care about the sources of goods they purchase. Is it American-made? What about...

Manufacturing Marketing Differentiation Strategy

As an industrial manufacturing marketer, you have a lot to think about and get done. Even so, I encourage...
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