3 Keys to Higher B2B Website Conversion Rates

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Part 2 of Our B2B Website Conversion Optimization Series

Three keys to higher B2B website conversion rates show are as follows: 1. Engage, 2. Education, and 3. Invite


How do you keep visitors on your site and persuade them to convert as marketing qualified leads or sales? In this, part 2 of our series on B2B website conversion optimization, I will share 3 keys to higher B2B website conversion rates. The next post looks at measuring conversion rates with lead tracking.

Let’s assume your SEO is working, and buyers are finding your site. What comes next?

If your B2B company has ample website visitors and a high conversion rate (5% to 11%), then you may not need to make changes to boost your conversions.

If you’re like most B2B companies, though, you probably want to increase qualified leads and sales.

3 keys to improving conversion rate for your B2B website

  • 1. Engage
  • 2. Educate
  • 3. Invite


1. Engage

50 milliseconds. That’s how long you get before website users decide “Should I stay or should I go now?”

Q: What makes site users stay?

A: Useful content.

Put the top of your webpages to work!

Desktop and mobile versions of the top of your landing pages must be clear and compelling.

  • What problems do you solve for your buyers?
  • What solutions do you offer?
  • What next step do you want website visitors to take? (Hint: Make that your clear call to action!)

Segment your website to fit the way your buyers think.

Help website users sort themselves into segments and provide relevant information.

For example, if you serve multiple industries, organize content for each industry separately. Then, make it easy for users to self-identify as belonging with a particular industry.

Use well-placed calls to action

Apply the “no dead ends” rule to page design. All pages offer a next step, such as a client testimonial, a case study, or a lead form.

Figure out what pages get visited the most. Then, place forms on those pages to capture leads.


2. Educate

Here’s where the buyer’s journey comes in to play. You may recall that B2B buyers go through stages.

You’ve got to supply what buyers are looking for at every stage.

  • Awareness stage: Defining a problem to solve
  • Consideration stage: Aware of possible solutions
  • Decision stage: Aware of solution providers

Show how you support their success

Provide educational content that shows how your products and services support their success. What are the risks associated with other solutions?

Demonstrate thought leadership

Demonstrating thought leadership in your website content will enhance your Google search ranking and boost lead generation.

Set up links between related content on your site. Also, link to expert content at non-competitive sites.


3. Invite

This invitation may be even higher stakes than your first date!

  • How do you phrase the invitation to convert?
  • What do you offer in return for an email address?

Most B2B manufacturing companies can’t just offer a discount code in exchange for an email address. You have to get creative and make an enticing offer.

What goals are your buyers trying to achieve?

Offer something of value that will move them closer to achieving their goals.

Once your invitation has been accepted, and you have their email address, say “Hello!” Don’t leave your leads languishing in a database somewhere!

Nurture the leads you receive to increase conversions from qualified leads to sales. Send them a welcome email and regular content personalized to their website actions.


Summary: 3 Steps to More Conversions

I hope this post helps you break down the complex process of achieving higher B2B website conversion rates into bite-sized pieces.

  • First evaluate how well you’re engaging.
  • Then make sure you’re educating.
  • Lastly, fine tune your invitation.

Bottom line: Improving conversion rates makes sense as a focus for your overall B2B manufacturing marketing strategy. Next, learn about setting conversion goals for your B2B website.

What has your experience with B2B website optimization been? Share your story with us!

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