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Five Essential Traits of a Great Digital Marketing Agency for Your Manufacturing Business

graph shows the steady rise in e-commerce as a percentage of total manufacturing shipments in the U.S. an important consideration when choosing a manufacturing marketing partner


Choosing a manufacturing marketing partner can be tough. You need a digital marketing agency you can trust. This is especially true with e-commerce become more and more important.

With that in mind, here are five metrics to help you pick the right digital marketing agency for your small- or mid-sized B2B business.

5-Point Checklist for Evaluating Potential Manufacturing Partners

Look for these five things when you’re next searching for a B2B digital marketing agency.


1. On-demand results reporting and measurable ROI

  • No ambiguity: ROI must be specific, measurable, and time-bound.
  • No mysteries: Client dashboards that report on progress and results.
  • No surprises: Expect transparency and honesty every step of the way.


2.  Customized strategy and content

  • No cookie cutter solutions!
  • Expect fresh content that matches your unique company identity, strengths, and value proposition.
  • Strategy is based on your goals, budget, in-house capacities, etc.


3. Industry knowledge and a proven track record

  • Look for a portfolio of case studies showing success in manufacturing.
  • Do client testimonials speak to your concerns?
  • Does the agency provide evidence of industry thought leadership?


4. A focus on relationship building

  • Do they emphasize relationships? Remember, relationships drive customer retention and profits.
  • Evaluate how they see their relationship with you. Are they open to becoming part of your team?


5. Integrated marketing and sales capabilities


I hope these five points support you in choosing a manufacturing marketing partner! Ultimately, the word “partner” is key here.

You’re not looking for a vendor. You’re looking for a relationship that will support your company goals. You’re looking for a partner you can trust to produce results!

What do you look for in a digital marketing agency? Send us your thoughts on LinkedIn or Tweet us. Or get in touch through our website.


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