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Using Video to Build Trust and Get Results

2B Marketing Video Types: The top three are presentations (used by 65% of marketers), ads (used by 57% of marketers), and "explainers" (used by 47% of marketers)


This first post of our new B2B video content strategy series covers B2B marketing video types. What kinds of video content should you be making for the best marketing ROI?

Creating video requires more effort and resources than other marketing content. Here are some tips for getting great results from your investment in B2B marketing videos.

Effective Video Types for B2B Marketing

As shown above, presentations, ads, and “explainer” videos are the most used video types by B2B marketers.

  • 65% of B2B marketers make and post presentation videos
  • 57% of B2B marketers use video ads
  • 47% make videos called “explainers”

Leaving video ads for another post, let’s look at the remaining two types: Presentation videos and Explainers.


3 Presentation Videos to Distinguish Your Brand

  • Product demos. Show your products in action! Consider providing video guides to your products.
  • Brand story videos. Make and post short videos that show your customers who you are. Feature aspects of your company identity. Clearly communicate your value and values as a brand!
  • Thought Leadership videos. Share valuable industry knowledge with your audience. Get them thinking! Speak in your true voice to come across authentically. Share your valuable perspectives and experiences.


3 “Explainer” Videos to Win Prospects and Keep Customers

With video, you can show top-of-funnel leads to existing customers that you understand their pain points. Gain their trust with videos that address their concerns.

  • Demonstrate solutions. Show how your products and services help buyers overcome their problems.
  • Explain your company identity. Talk about your values and processes—anything that could influence buyers and forge a connection.
  • Share unique aspects of your products and services. Use FAQs to spark ideas for content.


Today I’ve given you examples of winning B2B marketing video types. What other kinds of videos are you making or considering? Share them with us! Connect with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us. We’re always happy to talk.


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