Customer Analytics for Manufacturers: Invest to Grow

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Invest More in Customer Analytics for Digital Sales Success

customer analytics for manufacturers: leading companies plan to invest $18 million in customer analytics tools in the next 3 to 5 years while strivers plan to invest $14.8 million and Laggards plan to invest $14.3 million.

Do you want to become a leader in digital sales transformation? Make sales truly digital using predictive, data-driven customer insights to grow. Customer analytics for manufacturers produces substantial revenue growth as it fosters successful cross- and up-selling.

The use of customer data systems enables manufacturers to better understand customer needs. In fact, 70% of industrial companies leading in digital sales transformation rank customer analytics as their most-used tool.

For powerful predictive insights, implement big data analytics as a tool to combine customer behavior data with transactional and firmographic data. With these insights, you will be empowered to make more profitable decisions.

Benefits of Digital Customer Data Analytics

Critical customer insights build capabilities across your company. Having access to good data fuels better research and development, improved marketing, informed sales, and more agile management. Here are some specific ways your company will benefit from more robust customer analytics:

  • Product development teams can create targeted offerings.
  • Marketing teams can build personalized website experiences.
  • Sales teams gain the ability to view customer actions throughout the pipeline from prospect to sale.
  • Management teams increase control over the business by being able to act fast in response to changing metrics.
  • Customers experience better flow, increased focus, and greater ease when it comes to completing their buyer jobs.

Finally, remember to improve data quality through target market segmentation.

Don’t get left behind in the digital sales transformation race. Make your mark as an industry leader by investing sooner rather than later when you have the choice.

If you’re looking for personalized recommendations on ways to implement customer analytics for manufacturers, contact us. We’re here to partner with you.


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