Making Email Marketing Work for You

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When done well, email marketing can be a highly effective channel for manufacturers

Image shows text: B2B email marketing delivers results! Average B2B Email ROI = 4200% Are you seeing $42 return for every $1 spent on email marketing? 40% of B2B marketers say email is their most powerful marketing channel with the StratMg logo and icons of people holding hands.


Does your company use email marketing? Although 87% of B2B companies report that they use email marketing, only 59% actually did so in a real-world study. If you’re one of those companies missing out on the high ROI of email marketing, let’s talk about making email marketing work for you.

Surprising research found that, out of 1,000 B2B companies being studied, 41% did not send even one email in the 90-day research period.  Most of the B2B companies in the study sent an email out once every three to four weeks. That’s not optimal!

Have you heard — or maybe said — “We can’t do email marketing. My customers already say they get too many!”

No doubt it seems that way sometimes. When it comes to email effectiveness, it’s all about the “driver,” not the “vehicle.”

If you’ve struggled with low open rates, few click-throughs to your site, and negligible conversion rates from your email campaigns, don’t give up. Try a new approach!

Making B2B email marketing effective again!

We all dislike emails that waste our time. However, when done well, email marketing is now more effective than ever!

Take a look at the data behind this claim:

Key drivers of B2B email marketing success:

  • Timely response to email signup – 75% of B2B customers expect a welcome email right away!
  • Proper targeting so that your emails will have value for the recipients
  • Providing interesting and relevant subject lines to improve open rates
  • Having content that educates your users and keeps them engaged as prospects
  • Using marketing automation to personalize the email content

And definitely make sure your emails are optimized for mobile, as over 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the right approach, emails will support your company’s lead nurturing, customer acquisition, and customer retention goals!

We hope this post has been helpful in showings ways to make email marketing work for you.

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