E-Mail Marketing in Manufacturing – Works!

[dot_recommends] October 27, 2020 Manufacturing Marketing Tactics

Email Marketing Effectiveness

“We can’t do email marketing; my customers already say they get too many!”  We’re guessing you’ve heard that before, or maybe even said that yourself. And no doubt it probably feels that way sometimes. But, the fact is, email marketing is more effective than ever.

Some 80% of marketers report email marketing effectiveness is holding steady or improving. That’s huge when you consider there are nearly 4 billion email users.

The key to success continues to be:

  • Proper targeting
  • Providing interesting and relevant subject lines
  • Having content that educates your users

And definitely make sure your emails are optimized for mobile, as over 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device.

Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Learn to leverage it to help with customer retention, lead generation and customer acquisition.

Don’t know how to get started? Need to be more effective? Contact us or visit our extensive content library at the revamped stratmg.com to learn how to shorten your sales cycle with effective sales-driven marketing.

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