Engaging Manufacturing Customers Online

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Taking Social Media Optimization to the Next Level in Your B2B Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Engaging Manufacturing Customers Online

Last week, I wrote about crafting social media content to nurture manufacturing customer relationships. Today, I want to talk about engaging manufacturing customers online directly through strategic social interactions.

Like in the “real world,” on social media, actions speak louder than words. In fact, as powerful as images and videos can be online, no activity says you care about your customers more than your engagement with their online activity. 

What Does “Engagement” Mean?

Companies leaning into social media for their customer retention strategies find that great content is a start, but it’s not enough.  To go further to support customer relationships, manufacturers are cultivating opportunities to engage with customers on social media sites.

Ways to Engage with Customers Online

Keeping customer confidentiality in mind, you can still be an active part of their online network. Below are some simple ways to be effective at connecting with customers online:

  • Follow your customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms.
    • Designate someone to set up a schedule and manually check priority customers’ feeds. 
  • React and respond to their posts. Share their content when it fits your social strategy.
    • Delegate responsibility for engagement to someone with the power to reply, comment, share, and Retweet.
  • Reply to their comments on your Tweets, posts, and updates.
    • Timeliness counts here. Within 24 hours is best!
  • Acquire and use “social listening” tools that alert you when your brand is being talked about online. 

I will write more about social listening in a future post. For now, let’s focus on the human element. It’s clear that engaging manufacturing customers online requires the right person for the job.

The most successful companies delegate social media engagement to someone with the knowledge and power to respond to customers online. 

Speaking of social media, we look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn and Twitter. Also, we’re always happy to talk.


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