Growth in After-Sales Service Revenue

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Use Collaboration to Maximize After-Sales

growth in after-sales service revenue results from 87% of leaders in digital sales transformation practicing collaboration between marketing and sales and sales and after-sales. In contrast strivers and laggards show lower levels of collaboration.


By now you may have seen our other posts on leaders, strivers, and laggards in digital sales transformation. Today, I wrap up this series by talking about the importance of front-office collaboration. Specifically, let’s look at how collaboration drives growth in after-sales service revenue.

Collaboration Keeps Customers Happy

Among leading companies in digital sales transformation, 87% applied front-office collaboration strategies. This percentage applied to

  • Marketing and sales collaboration
  • Sales and after-sales collaboration

How Collaboration Drives After-Sales Growth

Wherever your company stands on the digital sales transformation path, increased collaboration will yield results.

With comprehensive access to sales knowledge, the after-sales team can offer services based on individual customer priorities. This seamless approach will better nurture your customer relationships. And we know that better customer relationships lead to higher after-sales services revenue.

A Strategic Recipe for Successful Revenue Growth

Manufacturers increasingly see after-sales service as a core part of their business model. For one thing, the ongoing revenue stream from after-sales service improves financial stability in uncertain times. It also appeals to customers’ preferences for ease in an increasingly complex world.

Therefore, when you plot out your digital sales transformation strategy, keep after-sales in mind. Blend these ingredients to wow your customers:

Collaborative teams have the potential to carry the customer all the way from prospect into after-sales services. This optimized customer experience will create growth in after-sales service revenue and increased profits.

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