Harnessing AI in Manufacturing Email Marketing Campaigns

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How AI Tools Boost ROI by Improving Conversion & Saving You Time

manufacturing email marketing campaigns and how artificial intelligence is reshaping marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has reshaped marketing in recent years. We previously covered how AI and content intelligence in marketing boost high-value website traffic. Today, we’re looking at how AI tools will help you streamline your manufacturing email marketing campaigns while boosting conversions through personalized emails.

The Role of AI in Manufacturing Marketing Emails

AI technologies include machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. All AI technologies enable machines to perform certain cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans.

As part of a broader marketing automation platform, AI can extract insights from observable online behavior from your email contacts. Whether you’re emailing customers, leads, or buyers somewhere in between those points, AI tools take the power of email to the next level.

What AI Can Do for Your Manufacturing Marketing Emails

  • Generate email subject lines
  • Write portions of emails tailored to lead actions
  • Personalize email content for each prospect
  • Send emails at optimal times
  • Clean and segment your email lists
  • Create personalized newsletter versions for your leads

How AI in Email Marketing Boosts ROI

  • AI tools improve your emails, resulting in more opens, more clicks, and ultimately more sales. You get better results from your email marketing campaigns.
  • AI tools save you time by making email marketing easier and faster. That frees your marketing team to do more in other areas, further increasing marketing impact and boosting ROI for marketing spend.

Learn more about Marketing Automation Platforms in our Learning Center. The StratMg Learning Center is full of free white papers on industrial manufacturing marketing best practices. And contact us to talk about how to optimize ROI on your manufacturing email marketing campaigns.

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