How to Boost Lead Conversions on Your B2B Website

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5 Things to Ask Your Marketing Agency Partner

5 tips for boosting lead conversions on your B2B website

If you’re like most manufacturing business owners, you want to know how to boost lead conversions on your B2B website. If you haven’t seen our post on how your site compares to conversion rate benchmarks, I strongly encourage you to start there. Are your landing pages reaching a 3% to 5% conversion rate? If not, it’s time to have a conversation with your marketing team and partners.

These 5 questions will allow you to have an intelligent conversation and vet your current or prospective marketing partners.

  1. Are we sending traffic to optimized webpages?
    • Don’t send prospective leads to your home page.
    • Make landing pages specific to each audience.
  2. Are the lead forms and CTAs in the right place on each page?
    • Place the CTAs and lead forms “above the fold” on pages where visitors already know something about your company.
    • Consider lower placement of CTAs and lead forms for pages where users are still getting to know you.
  3. How many CTAs are enough but not too many?
    • Too many distinct CTAs appearing on one page will split the user’s attention and could undermine conversion rates.
    • Then again, offering users a couple different levels of engagement helps to meet buyers where they are on their journey.
  4. How can we make the lead forms more attractive to users?
    • Mobile-friendly lead forms are absolutely required.
    • Eye-catching lead forms and CTA buttons are also a must!
    • Offer high-quality incentives (eBooks, white papers, etc.) for form completion.
  5. How easy are the forms to use, and do they work well?
    • Beware of asking users to fill in more than three form fields. Less is more.
    • Ask only for information users would likely share publicly.
    • Technical problems with loading or submitting the form must be fixed.
    • Again, mobile-friendly is key here.

Knowing how your company website conversion rates compared to benchmarks is just the first step.  It’s a low-hanging fruit just waiting to be monetized!

Select a marketing partner with the right experience to execute a proven sales-driven marketing strategy. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help or point you in the right direction.  Always happy to help and share our knowledge and experiences. Let’s talk!


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