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Put Your Website to Work: Attract, Retain, and Convert Buyers


industrial manufacturing website priorities show in this research about how B2B marketers are spending their marketing budgets. 58% reported that website development was the top area of marketing spend. 57% reported that digital marketing was top. 42% reported that tradeshows and events was their top spending category.

It’s not surprising that B2B marketers are spending more on website development. To stay competitive, industrial manufacturing website priorities need to align with buyer expectations.

This is the first post in a three-post “Website Wednesdays” series.  During this series, I will share what I’ve learned from partnering with successful companies. As always, questions are welcome!

Today, B2B websites fill essential marketing AND sales roles.

4 Key Functions of a Manufacturing Website

To support your goals, your website needs to excel at these four functions:

  • Get you found by buyers through great SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keep buyers on your site interacting with your content
  • Make it easy for buyers to complete their journey from prospect to sale
  • Gain buyers’ trust and get them to convert

Competitive Advantage of Updated Industrial Manufacturing Websites

In the increasingly competitive manufacturing sector, websites need to more than before.

  • You want to come across as the trustworthy partner buyers are looking for.
  • And you know you don’t get much time to make a great first impression.
  • Today’s B2B buyers want your website to make their supplier research faster and easier.

Industrial manufacturers I’ve worked with have seen the impact of building an interactive, personalized online experience.

When you keep buyers engaged and happy, they’re more likely to make you their supplier of choice.

What Happened to Phone Sales?

What we’re seeing is that younger buyers tend to avoid the phone. In the past, buyers would reach out to your sales contact with questions.

Now buyers move on to another potential supplier’s website if they can’t find answers on your site.

What’s Next?

Have some thoughts on the top industrial manufacturing website priorities? Get in touch.

Watch for the second post in this three-part “Website Wednesdays” series next Wednesday.

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