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[dot_recommends] November 10, 2020 Manufacturing Business Strategy

Lead Generation Vs Lead Conversion?

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Executive Summary of the video above –

  • Sales Growth is a two part function – Lead Generation & Lead Conversion.
  • Maximize the RoI for marketing dollars by shoring-up Lead Conversion first!
  • Shoring-up Lead Conversion will result in shorter sales cycles & a higher conversion rate.
  • Personalize your relationship with a prospect to enhance lead conversion
  • 2 easy ways to achieve a personalized relationships –
    • Leverage Marketing Automation to craft custom need-based conversations
    • Inter-lace a (non-sales specific) phone conversation with a prospect.  This will humanize the relationship
    • At every touch-point – listen more, talk less.  Understand more, pitch less.
  • Personalization of a relationship, when done right, will build trust with a prospect.  This will result in consistent sales growth.

Feel free to ping us should you want to talk through this in further detail.  We are happy to share our experiences and Our $0.02.

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