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5 Top Performing B2B Content Marketing Examples for Manufacturers to Use on LinkedIn

US Marketers' LinkedIn Usage Forecast shows rising use. 50.3% planned to use LinkedIn content marketing in 2021.


LinkedIn, founded in 2002, has stood the test of time. LinkedIn’s popularity as a B2B social media marketing site continues to grow. Still, it can be challenging to think up LinkedIn content ideas for manufacturers.

Then, once you have the ideas, you need to generate the content and post it. If you’re short on time, you may be tempted to neglect social media marketing for now.

Consider these 2022 LinkedIn statistics before deciding how much to invest in this B2B content marketing platform.


5 LinkedIn Page Content Ideas for Manufacturers

1: Product Videos

Focus on high quality for your product videos. Product videos face higher standards than the quick social share smartphone video. You will need multiple camera angles and slick editing.

That’s why, for product videos, your best bet is to contract with a pro team to shoot and edit the video. Consider the potential ROI on an excellent video that conveys why your product stands out!

Before you hire the video team, though, you need your marketing strategy in place.

  • Set goals for the video.
  • Where does it fit in your marketing and sales funnel?
  • Based on that, define messaging. Write out headings and a script.
  • Then storyboard the video with the videographer to include the most relevant shots to tell your story.

A professional videographer will make your company look professional. Since prospects tend to see poor quality video as an indication of poor quality product, you need professional product videos.

See our post on making good B2B marketing videos for more tips.

2. Case Study Slide Deck Videos

Already have a great case study to share? Use this trick to turn it into a low-cost video.

Take case study headings and highlights and turn them into a short slide deck. Better yet, use a graphic design tool like Piktochart to create the slides. Add photos of the customer business or representatives if you have them!

Then, use a simple video editing program to turn your slide presentation into a branded video. For example, Piktochart now has a video tool Piktostory. Many other options, like iMovie for Mac users, also offer easy ways to convert still images into a short video case study.

A voiceover and captions will put the finishing touches on your video. Be sure to use a good microphone when recording the voiceover!

Resource tip: If you’re looking for help making videos, consider hiring a paid marketing intern from a local college.

3: Successes, wins, & milestones

LinkedIn users love to celebrate wins. It’s one of the more mutually supportive platforms. Considered a professional networking site, positive posts tend to prevail.

When considering what to post about, consider employee news as well as company successes. Use LinkedIn to amplify earned media in local papers, trade journals, and speaking events.

It’s common for users to post about events they are attending, volunteer work, and employee anniversaries. If a company leader gets a speaking engagement, take the opportunity to create a post highlighting their expertise!

4. FAQs

Break down FAQ content into sharable bites. Varying the length of your posts will help keep audience attention on your page. Generate some curiosity about your products and services with carefully selected FAQ posts.

Pair questions with an image if possible. Posts with images do better on LinkedIn. The latest LinkedIn research found that:

  • Images typically result in a 2x higher comment rate.
  • Custom image collages (3-4 images in one post) perform especially well for organizations.

5. Share third-party content

It’s rude to talk about yourself all the time at a networking event. The same holds true on LinkedIn. So, follow relevant hashtags and share posts that will interest your audience.

Also consider passing along values your company embraces through sharing related posts. Have a passion for ending hunger? Supporting greater access to work or education?

Whatever your social good, pass along posts from nonprofits and thought leaders on the topic. Not only will you be promoting a cause your company supports, you also will be broadcasting your brand values.

What LinkedIn content ideas for manufacturers most interest you?

As a manufacturing company, you juggle many things at once. On Tuesdays, we post content to make marketing your small or mid-sized business a little easier.

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