Making Better B2B Marketing Videos

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3 Key Ingredients for Videos that Deliver Results 

making better B2B marketing videos has become more important now that 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing


What sets great manufacturing and B2B marketing video apart from the rest? In this third post in our video marketing series, I will share 3 top tips for making better B2B marketing videos.

To make a high-ROI video, start with good lighting and great content.

Beyond that, three things stand out as essential: music, voiceovers, and captions.

Top 3  B2B Video Production Tips

1. Include Music


  • 81% of marketers say videos perform better with music.
  • Music elicits an emotional response that will make your marketing message more effective.


  • Choose music that fits the emotion of your message, for example, confidence. Up beat tunes in major keys work well for most marketing videos.
  • Unless you can find public domain or creative commons music, you will need to pay to license music to use in your video.
  • Vimeo has great advice for adding music to your videos, including how and where to acquire music rights.


2. Produce Good Voiceovers


  • 66% of marketers say videos perform better with a VoiceOver.
  • It’s an easy way to make your video more professional.


  • You will either need to outsource for VoiceOver recording or develop in-house resources.
  • Check with your team to see if anyone has experience with audio production. You might be surprised!
  • Biteable published a helpful guide on how to record your own VoiceOver and add it to a video.


3. Provide Captions


  • It makes your video accessible to more people living with hearing impairment.
  • Captioned videos work better on platforms that initiate video play with muted audio.
  • Also, 64% of marketers say videos perform better with captions.


  • Beware of automatic captions provided by YouTube. They’re notoriously poor.
  • There are other free and low-cost options for captioning. Just check the end result carefully!
  • Learn more in this captioning guide published by Clipchamp.


Your Turn!

The tips in this post are based on what marketers reported worked best for them in 2021.

What do you think goes into making better B2B marketing videos? Share your successes!

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