Manufacturing Marketing Differentiation Strategy

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Show How You’re Different

manufacturing marketing differentiation strategy takes the back seat as 69% of marketers say they don't have time

As an industrial manufacturing marketer, you have a lot to think about and get done. Even so, I encourage you to craft a manufacturing marketing differentiation strategy for the coming year. Marketing differentiation takes time, but it yields high ROI.

Steps to Setting Up Your Strategy

Follow these steps to make differentiation part of your manufacturing marketing strategy:

  • First, conduct an analysis of how you differ from the competition.
  • Second, select the differentiators that bring the most value to your customers.
  • Third, show your buyers how you differ and how it benefits them.


Current Status of Marketing Differentiation

Many companies lack differentiation in their content.

  • 40% of marketers say their company’s content mostly matches the competition content
  • 69% of B2B marketers reported they “don’t have the time” to plan a differentiation strategy

I encourage you to be part of the top 31% who make the time. Your company will reap the rewards in sales growth and competitive advantage when you do.


Gather Input on How You Excel

Brainstorm with representatives from other teams within your company to come up with differentiators. Ask about product and company capabilities compared to competitors. Also, review customer feedback.

Get started with these questions:

  • What’s better about what your company does? Do you excel at reliability? Low change over time? Ease-of-use?
  • What points of pride stand out for you as you think about your products and services?
  • What do your customers say they like about you?


Show How You Differ

Do more than talk about how you’re different. Connect your difference with its value to customers. Tie your strengths to customer priorities in your industry. Use videos, testimonials, and specific stories to show how your company excels.

Consider how you can stand out as you craft your manufacturing marketing differentiation strategy for 2022. To continue the conversation, get in touch with us.

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