Manufacturing Pandemic Recovery Strategies

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Shifting Strategic Priorities Post-Pandemic

Manufacturing pandemic recovery strategies: 40% investing in sustainable manufacturing; 68% improving supply chain resilience; 54% accelerating new product innovation

Halfway into 2021, we’re seeing manufacturers respond to the pandemic by shifting strategic priorities. Manufacturing pandemic recovery strategies include shoring up the supply chain, embracing digital transformation, examining workforce policies, and accelerating product innovation.

As you look at how other manufacturers are responding, I encourage you to consider the changes taking place in your company. Look for ways that these strategic responses give you new opportunities to show how your company excels.

Priorities for Manufacturers in the Pandemic Recovery

A survey of 200 senior manufacturing decision makers uncovered these strategic priorities:

  • Supply Chain Improvements: 68% see improving supply chain resilience and agility as their number one business priority.
  • Digital Transformation: 95% think that the future of manufacturing depends on successful digital transformation.
  • New Product Development: 54% identify accelerating new product innovation as a priority.

Resilience Goals and Strategies

Manufacturers recognize four key opportunities for faster recovery and greater growth in the near future.

  • Increase Resilience and Elasticity: 84% will embrace on-demand manufacturing technologies, and 62% of manufacturers are pursuing a re-shoring strategy.
  • Improve Speed and Efficiency: 62% will seek ways to streamline sourcing, vetting, and onboarding new vendors.
  • Implement More Sustainable Practices: 40% will prioritize investments in sustainable manufacturing.
  • Invest in Automated Systems: 91% will increase digital transformation investments

What Does This Mean for Marketing?

As your company takes steps to “future-proof” supply chains and adjust strategic priorities, I encourage you to communicate these improvements in your marketing messaging.

Show how your company stands out among industrial manufacturers in your sector. Buyers will feel increased confidence when they know you’re taking a strategic approach to manufacturing pandemic recovery strategies.

As always, we’re happy to discuss your strategic marketing priorities. I invite you to get in touch.

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