Prospects may not know you, do you know your prospects?

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Build an online relationship with a buyer within Industrial Manufacturing

shows the four most common buyer in industrial manufacturing: design engineers, procurement managers, R&D team, and MRO Managers


Building a relationship online is critical to generating consistent leads.  How?  Engage with your prospects.  How should one engage? Help them at every step of their buying process.  How can you accomplish this?

  • Step 1 – Understand your prospect thoroughly, for example –
    1. What motivates them?
    2. How are they gauged in their job?
    3. What are their typical challenges?
  • Step 2 –  Access demographic and firmagraphic information of your prospect.  For instance,
    1. Company Size – Annual Revenues, Employee Size, etc.
    2. Is this prospect an influencer or decision maker?
    3. Job Function
  • Step 3 – Based on the above, draft engaging and helpful content to your prospect to help guide them through each stage of a buying cycle.  Here’s one thought process on developing a content plan.

This approach will position you as a trusted advisor to your prospect.  This proven formula will always result in a consistent flow of high quality leads.  Remember, People buy from People!

For a detailed step-by-step process, feel free to peruse our Learning Center or if it’s easier, let’s talk!  Happy to share our experience, if it helps.


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