Marketing Manufacturing Sourcing Practices to Boost Buyer Confidence

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Making your sourcing policies part of your brand

marketing manufacturing sourcing practices

We all know that consumers increasingly care about the sources of goods they purchase. Is it American-made? What about sustainability? But what about industrial manufacturing buyers? Especially in uncertain times, marketing manufacturing sourcing practices can help increase buyer confidence in your brand and, therefore, grow sales.

Share Positive Changes for a Competitive Advantage

You can use positive changes taking place at your company to gain a competitive advantage. As always, when telling your brand story, “show don’t tell” applies.

Whether you’re stabilizing the supply chain by re-shoring or making the supply chain greener, these valuable actions should be communicated to buyers.

Boost Buyer Confidence

When you communicate sourcing reliability, you increase buyer confidence. Being more transparent than other manufacturers will give you a competitive edge.

Use your company’s reliable and sustainable sourcing practices as a talking point in your brand strategy. This particularly applies if you made changes in response to the pandemic. Two main messages will improve buyer conversion rates:

  • Reliable sourcing means on-time delivery and dependability for your customers
  • Sustainable sourcing means customers can promote their brand as sustainable, too


Communication is Key

If you’re switching to U.S. sources or creating a more environmentally sustainable supply chain, communicate these activities. These actions create a brand advantage not only for your company but also for companies sourcing from you as an industrial manufacturer.


“Show Don’t Tell” Ideas for Communicating with Buyers

  • Update your website to include images, illustrations, and/or videos showing your positive sourcing strategies
  • Design a marketing campaign with a series of emails and social posts sharing specific aspects of your positive sourcing story
  • Post video to LinkedIn showing the improvements you’re making
  • Share a video of leadership within your company talking about best practices


By marketing manufacturing sourcing practices, you ultimately assist the buyer in completing their job of selecting a supplier. This, in turn, boosts sales growth.

If you’re interested in talking about marketing strategy, we’re here to partner with you. Reach out any time.

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