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[dot_recommends] April 2, 2021 Manufacturing Marketing Tactics

Looking at the Ole Ball Game with New Tech

Baseball is back! Limited in-person attendance won’t feel the same as the full crowd, but it’s still a big win to have fans in the stands again.

Broader economic comeback is also progressing, with Moody’s Analytics reporting that the U.S. economy is 86% “Back-to-Normal”. While we cannot know exactly when normal will hit 100% (Was it ever?) or when fans will fill stadiums again, we do know that tech helps teams win games and companies win sales.

How does tech help baseball teams? You may not have heard, but the Cubs used data tracking and analysis to improve pitching performance. That’s right. Data analytics helped them win the World Series in 2016. Just like baseball teams, your marketing and sales team needs to use data to get your company to the big win.

Tracking sales is nothing new, but how are you tracking interactions with prospective buyers? Who has access to that data and how easy is it for them to access? Most buyers will not make a purchase on their first interaction with your team. Use interaction tracking—and make it available to all team members—to meet each prospect where they are at in the buying journey.

  • With interaction data, sales messages can be targeted and highly relevant.
  • The end result is a better experience for buyers and more sales wins for your team.

For a fantastic overview of the various factors to consider when vetting a Marketing Automation Platform to help you with interaction tracking, get our free whitepaper or contact us today to set up a conversation.

Okay, enough shop talk! Time to watch the game! Happy baseball season!

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With over two decades of experience, Parin leads an expert demand-generation agency, StratMg, that helps industrial manufacturing clients achieve unambiguous and quantified organic sales growth across the US, EMEA & APAC.

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