Social Listening Tools for Small Businesses

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Own Conversations About Your Brand by Monitoring Social Media Conversations

social listening tools for small businesses


More companies are benefiting from using social listening tools for small businesses. How can manufacturers and other B2B companies optimize the return on social listening?

What Is Social Listening?

Social listening, or social media monitoring, empowers your company to respond to online conversations. You use software tools to get notified and respond to social media conversations that interest you.

At the minimum, companies usually monitor for mentions of their company and brand names. Some companies go as far as monitoring for topics of interest in online conversations.

Why Engage in Social Listening?

The benefits of social listening include the following:

  • Increasing connections with your customers
  • Enhancing your customer relationships
  • Providing proactive customer support
  • Responding to online reviews
  • Measuring your true social media reach
  • Understanding social media trends


What to Monitor

Investing in social listening tools for small businesses means deciding what to track.

Consider your available time and prioritize as follows:

  • 1. Customer complaints or recommendations
  • 2. Questions about your company, product, service, etc.
  • 3. Brand mentions
  • 4, Topics related to your company’s strategic priorities


Social listening means you get to control the online narrative about your brand.


Speed of Response Matters

You gain trust and respect with rapid, friendly, professional comments, shares, and responses to alerts.

Responses work best when they are real-time, but that’s not always practical. Get as close as you can to real-time responsiveness to make the best impression.

How to Get Started

At StratMg, we recommend a holistic approach to small business and manufacturing marketing strategy. We’re happy to talk with you about strategies that fit your business goals. No strings attached!

If you’re looking for a list of social listening tools, G2 provides reviews of social media monitoring software.

Have you had success with social media monitoring? Share your story with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us!

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