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Industrial Manufacturing and B2B Marketing Best Practices for Social Media in 2022


Top B2B social media marketing platform in 2021 in order: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter


If you’re like the manufacturers we partner with, you probably have a social media presence. You may have a social media strategy. And, yet, keeping up with best practices in social media for B2B manufacturers can be challenging.

This first post in our April series on Social Media Marketing for Manufacturers will get you up to speed on trends. Next week, I will cover 5 top ideas for LinkedIn optimization. The following week will focus on content ideas for other channels.

Challenges of Keeping Up with B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing seems infinite in its depth and breadth. Then, once you have the core know-how in place, best practices shift constantly. It can feel like running after a train that’s already left the station!

You may be wondering “What’s the best way to use social media in 2022?”

We put time and effort into keeping up with B2B social media trends so our partner manufacturers don’t have to. We constantly learn from the top thought leaders and our client experiences. Then we pass that knowledge along to you.

This post lays out the latest data-informed recommendations for B2B manufacturing social media marketing.

Best Practices in Social Media for B2B Manufacturers

We first posted “Social Media 101” for manufacturers in 2020. Some of the best practices from that post still ring true today.

5 Constants in B2B Social Media Marketing

Some social media marketing recommendations remain stable over time:

  • # 1 Start with one channel and do that well.
    • Move on to other channels once you’re reaching your goals for your first channel.
    • Recruit outside help or additional internal talent if you’re not able to put enough time into social media to do it well.
  • #2 Some channels perform better than others. Start with the best channels for your industry and brand.
    • See below for the latest channel trends for B2B social media marketing.
    • LinkedIn remains the top priority for our clients.
  • #3 Content type and format matters.
    • Optimize your social media content to fit your target audience.
    • Images and videos still perform better than text-only posts.
    • Authentic, relevant contributions to the online conversation spark engagement best!
  • # 4 Network. Don’t promote.
    • Avoid the “content publisher” mentality.
    • Build relationships, not sales pipelines! Sales pitches don’t belong on social media.
    • Social networking means interacting. You will miss the best opportunities if you click “post” or Tweet and then close your browser.
    • Listen, respond, participate. Jump into conversations with your brand’s knowledge and voice.
  • #5 Pause and reflect before participating.
    • Social media is a crowded room. Speaking up in a crowded room requires courage and discernment. If this goes beyond your comfort zone, recruit someone with the skillset to do it well.
    • Speak with constant awareness of your brand strengths.
    • Beware of controversy. Professional debates on industry topics and trends provide opportunities to shine. But back away from reactionary remarks. Stick to the high road for your brand’s sake!

These timeless best practices in social media for industrial manufacturers will get you started. Next, let’s look at the latest trends.

2022 Trends in Social Media Marketing for B2B Manufacturers

Top channels for B2B marketing have changed. The latest research shown in the graph above indicates that B2B marketing has embraced Facebook. Also, image- and video-based platforms Instagram and YouTube now get more use than Twitter.

Top 5 B2B Marketing Social Media Channels

#1 Facebook

In terms of sheer use by B2B marketers globally, Facebook has overtaken LinkedIn with 40% of B2B marketers using Facebook and 35% using LinkedIn.

#2 LinkedIn  (Still #1 for B2B Manufacturers)

LinkedIn user data indicates that it remains on top as the best platform for most manufacturing companies.

#3 Instagram

This visual-based platform has outpaced Twitter in today’s image-driven marketing world.

#4 YouTube

YouTube has risen quickly as a platform for B2B social media. This video platform holds so much promise for manufacturing marketing that we ran a series of blog posts on using YouTube in your manufacturing marketing.

#5 Twitter

Twitter continues to play an essential role in B2B marketing. In addition to Tweeting and Retweeting, look into networking events hosted on the platform. One excellent example that we often join is .

Next Steps for Your B2B Social Media Marketing

This post summarized the essentials of social media for B2B manufacturers. I hope it has helped you get caught up on the latest trends as well.

For more manufacturing social media content ideas, watch for our remaining Social Media Optimization series posts.

Every Tuesday new B2B manufacturing marketing content lands on our blog!

We’re always happy to talk if you have questions we didn’t answer here or ideas of your own to share. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us.


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