Trends in Manufacturing Marketing: Online Events

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Tap Into the Popularity of Online Events for Sales Growth

Trends in Manufacturing Marketing: Visual from market research shows that virtual Online Events Market is growing rapidly

As an industrial manufacturing company, you know the importance of marketing to engineers. Trade events provide opportunities to talk directly with engineers about your brand. The latest trends in manufacturing marketing include attending online events.

Make Online Events Part of Your Growth Strategy

As you plan for the coming year, include online event marketing in your strategy. You might doubt the effectiveness of online events for networking and brand promotion. For many of us, in-person just feels more effective.

Hopefully in-person events will return full force soon! Even so, online events seem likely to remain. That’s why I recommend you start planning to participate in more online events now.

TREW marketing’s 2021 report found that 48% of surveyed engineers participated in online events this year. That’s a lot of engineers!

They also found that participation will likely increase in the future. Fully 90% of engineers said they would attend (31%) or would maybe attend (56%) their favorite in-person industry conference or trade show online.

Time to Add Webinars to Your Marketing Mix?

Looking at the 2021 data, webinars show great promise as a marketing tool. TREW found that engineers prefer webinars over larger virtual events. About half (49%) of surveyed engineers said that online stand-alone webinars would be valuable. In comparison, only 20% felt confident that virtual events would be valuable, while 28% were not sure.

What This Means for Your Marketing Strategy

To reach more engineers with your brand message, tap into trends in manufacturing marketing and plan for representation at key online events. Also, think about what content your company could provide in a webinar format. Offering webinars could provide tremendous value for lead generation and nurturing in the coming year.

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