Unique Benefits of Digital Marketing

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5 Reasons Digital Marketing Is the Best Way to Grow Your Small- or Mid-sized Business

image shows how the unique benefits of digital marketing paid off for companies during the pandemic


The unique benefits of digital marketing for small- and mid-sized businesses have more B2B companies prioritizing online strategies.

You may wonder how much you should invest in digital marketing and how fast should you make the transition.

As a partner in digital marketing for manufacturers and other B2B businesses, we often get asked whether it’s worth the cost and effort to invest in digital marketing.

5 Reasons to Prioritize Digital Marketing Now

  • 1. Rank on the first page of search results for key topics related to your products and services (rather than just for searches on your company name).
  • 2. Get found right away by your ideal buyers when they start their research.
  • 3. Convince key prospects to see you as experts with useful, authoritative content.
  • 4. Grow your network by connecting with industry influencers, partners, prospects, and potential employees online through social media
  • 5. Generate measurable ROI for your marketing spend.


Barriers to Investing in Digital Marketing

I get it. You manage many moving parts. It can be hard to know where to invest time and resources. You’re in good company.

Here’s a sample of what we’re hearing from B2B companies:

  • We’ve always done fine with word of mouth, referrals, and trade shows, but it feels like something shifted, and those tactics are no longer enough.
  • We want to improve our website, but it seems like such a big lift that we keep putting it off.
  • It’s been impossible to recruit a digital marketing strategist with knowledge of manufacturing and B2B.
  • Right now we’ve got enough to deal with in supply chain and workforce management.


The Digital Marketing Partnership Solution

It’s true that successful digital marketing requires a whole new skillset and technology tool box. Given the unique benefits of digital marketing for your company, it pays to find a solution sooner rather than later.

To ease your transition, consider working with a digital marketing partner that knows your industry.

Wondering how to choose a good marketing partner? My next post will provide a checklist for evaluating potential digital marketing partners.

For now, we’d like to hear your thoughts! Connect with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us. We’re always happy to talk.


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