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Keyword Research Can Help You See What Buyers Are Searching For

Graphic shows key drivers for B2B Buyers sharing content. 52% share content the tells a strong story that resonates with their buying committee. 45% share content that includes relevant/shareable links that they can share immediately. 44% share content that is packed with shareable stats and quick-hitting insights. 40% share content from influencing peers, other internal stakeholders on the buying team. 32% share content that is ungated and easier to share with colleaugues.

B2B buying is hard. What B2B buyers want is help along the way from you, a potential source. But how can you get found online?

What Makes B2B Buying So Complex?

Far from being a linear process, the B2B buying committee completes a complex set of non-sequential tasks. Six to ten decision makers get involved, each gathering information and presenting it to the group. Conflicts inevitably arise.

Meanwhile, the market evolves. Ever newer technologies enter the scene. Suppliers exit. New suppliers take their place. The process starts all over.

Amid all this activity your company stands shouting and waving your hands.

  • Problem: How can you make sure buyers see you?
  • Solution: Speak directly to their problems in words they use and understand.


What’s on B2B Buyers Minds?

To get to know how your B2B buyers think, do some keyword research.

Questions You Want to Answer:

  • What do buyers ask about products and/or services in your industry?
  • What problems are buyers researching?
  • How do they word their queries?


Tools for Keyword Research

Some tools are free and easy to use. Others are free with some effort. Still others require a subscription—though free trials may be available.

Google Trends
Look at the relative popularity of a word or phrase over time. Also, compare it with another word or phrase to choose the better option.

Answer the Public
Build a spider web of related phrases with Answer the Public. You’re limited to a few free searches a day. Subscribe for more robust keyword tools.

Google Keyword Planner
You will need a business account and a campaign with a payment method. Pause your campaign to avoid spending anything while you use the keyword planner.

Ahrefs is free to use for your own website. (Look for the small link to the right of the subscribe button.) You will have to verify ownership of your website to use the keyword tools.

These are a few tools to get you started learning what B2B buyers want. Have other suggestions? We’re all ears!

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