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6 Trends in B2B Email Marketing Best Practices


B2B email marketing optimization matters as email marketing revenue tops $9.62 billion in 2022, growing to $17.9 billion by 2027

Keeping up with B2B marketing best practices may seem impossible with everything else you need to do. To help you out, I’ve gathered the top 6 trends in B2B email marketing optimization for 2022.

6 Ways to Optimize Your B2B Marketing Emails

  • 1. Personalize B2B email marketing

  • 2. Make and use microsegments for B2B marketing

    • The latest trend in content marketing segmentation is the creation of microsegments.
    • Microsegmentation uses data on user behaviors to predict their email content preferences.
  • 3. Embrace “mobile first” email design!

    • De-clutter your emails!
    • Simplify for mobile interaction.
    • Select image sizes and formats for easy viewing on a small screen.
  • 4. Share B2B user-generated content

    • Sharing social proof like customer reviews and testimonials will increase clicks and conversions.
    • Consider photos as well as reviews when collecting user-generated content to share.
  • 5. Get interactive with B2B emails

    • Interactive content in emails entices users to spend more time with your email.
    • The extended time makes it more likely they will remember the content and click through to your website.
    • Examples of interactive email content include games, quizzes, brief surveys, sliders, and videos.
    • Include effective plain-text versions of emails for users on email platforms that do not support interactive content.
  • 6. Include less email copy and do more storytelling

    • Less copy as a rule also fits the “mobile first” trend.
    • More storytelling refers to the accelerating preference for B2B storytelling as a marketing approach.
    • Consider using a lighter tone. B2B readers will welcome a playful, conversational tone so long as it fits your brand persona.

A lot has changed with B2B email marketing optimization over the past few years. I hope this quick overview of recent trends will help you find ways to optimize your emails for results!

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