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Superior Product Quality Ranks as Most Important for B2B Product Customers

B2B Product Customer Priorities in 2021 were Superior Product Quality (37.9%), Trusting relationship (14.7%), Excellent service (11.6%), Low price (10.5%), Superior innovation (18.9%) and Cutomer experience (6.3%)


Product manufacturing companies are reporting changing B2B product customer priorities. And, what matters to customers now—superior product quality—looks likely to increase in value in 2022.

What About the Importance of a “Trusting Relationship”?

You may have heard that “trusting relationships” matter most to your customers. We’ve even written about the importance of trusting relationships here in this blog.

In 2020, “Trusting relationships” was the topmost reported priority by marketers working in B2B product sales.

But by February 2021, that had changed, and August 2021 results continue to point to other priorities overshadowing trusting relationships.

Product Quality Is What Matters Most Now

The most recent Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) survey found that 37.9% of B2B product marketers selected “superior product quality” as customers’ first priority. In contrast, only 14.7% said that “trusting relationships” matters most to customers.

Now, trusting relationships is not even in second place as a customer priority. That rank goes to “superior innovation”—another product related factor.

To be clear, relationships still matter. It’s just that other priorities have risen higher than we’ve seen in the past.

What This Means for Your Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

All of the content you’ve developed around trusting relationships needs to remain in place. Now, though, we’re seeing companies invest more in product-related content marketing.

Ways to Promote Product Quality and Innovation

  • Brand identity refocusing: Is superior product quality a part of your brand identity? What more can you do to tie your brand to superior quality and innovation?
  • Marketing assets: Select—or create—content for the new B2B product customer priorities. Look through your marketing portfolio for assets that showcase product quality and/or innovation.
  • Tactics: Feature selected content in ads, on website landing pages, and on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Now that you’ve heard more about the CMO survey findings, I’m curious, how do the survey results compare to what you’re seeing? Connect with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us. We’re always happy to talk.

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Data source: Moorman, CMO Survey, August 2021



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