Benefits of B2B Social Media Research

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Know More About Your Customers and Build Better Business Relationships

B2B social media research benefits companies wanting to know their customers better

B2B social media research makes sense for small- and mid-sized companies looking for affordable market insight solutions.

All you need to get started is a current team member who understands your industry and knows your brand well. As a bonus, time spent researching on social media can also be spent engaging your customers.

Getting Started

  • Choose a team member who knows keywords for your industry and company.
  • Then, look to the platforms for specific search tips. For example, LinkedIn provides a guide to conducting searches on their platform.

Learn About Your Customers!

You can learn a lot about your customers and your market by “listening” to online conversations.

  • What customers talk about when making purchasing decisions in your industry
  • What pain points get discussed and debated
  • What brands have the best reputation
  • How your brand is perceived
  • How to gain buyers’ trust

Small Business 4-Step B2B Social Media Research Plan:

  • 1. Make a list of customer companies and follow them online
    • Check their pages and read their posts and Tweets regularly.
    • Take notes and keep them organized for later analysis.
  • 2. Analyze your notes for common topic threads.
    • What are your customers paying attention to based on their reactions to posts?
    • What are they sharing and talking about?
  • 3. Search for conversations using keywords important to your company.
    • Look at industry topics.
    • Research your competitors.
    • Search for what’s being said about you!
  • 4. Look up influencers on relevant topics, and see what they are posting.

B2B social media research will make you better prepared to assist and inform buyers. Use what you learn to gain buyers’ trust!


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