Manufacturing Competitive Advantage Trend: Virtual Showrooms

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Why More Manufacturers Are Building Virtual Showrooms


manufacturing competitive advantage trend: virtual showrooms. Image shows that 87% of manufacturers say the sector has gotten more competitive.

With 87% of manufacturers reporting increasing competition in the sector, we’re seeing faster and stronger marketing innovation. Virtual showrooms have accelerated as a manufacturing competitive advantage trend.

Does your company website have a digital showroom? If not, should you think about adding one?

What Is a Virtual Showroom?

Virtual showrooms, like this one from zipper manufacturer YKK, display manufacturers’ products, equipment, and more online.

These online video experiences give prospects a 360-degree view of key aspects of your company. They engage customers more than traditional media.

The virtual showroom can be placed on your company website, social media, and more.

A well-crafted digital showroom will contain enough impressive detail that it conveys credibility. Buyers feel drawn into the experience and spend more time on your site.

What Will a Virtual Showroom Achieve?

Delivering a 360-degree view of your brand goes far toward reaching your prospects and engaging them.

A virtual showroom will

  • Provide a whole new experience to buyers.
  • Present a planned, customized space that looks and feels like your brand
  • Save prospects time
  • Build trust
  • Empower you to collect and analyze data from prospects as they interact with your digital showroom

Competitive Advantage of a Virtual Showroom

What made the virtual showroom such a fast-growing manufacturing competitive advantage trend?

  • With a virtual showroom, you’re giving prospects more than what they expected.
  • You’re also making their jobs easier.
  • Buyers will feel emotionally closer to your company when you invite them into an immersive showroom experience. And we know that emotions help generate new customers.

So, here’s the formula as I see it: virtual showrooms = more new customers = greater sales growth success.

If you’re considering innovative marketing solutions for faster growth, we’re ready to partner with you. Let’s talk.


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