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Four Steps to Take Now for Maximum Marketing ROI

manufacturing marketing action items - graph shows the top content types used by manufacturers: email newsletters (81%), blog posts/short articles (79%), pre-produced video (79%), infographics (66%), and case studies (65%)


Being strategic about where you focus your activities as marketer will help you get the most out of your time, energy, and budget. That’s why I want to share four manufacturing marketing action items that will boost your business growth in the coming year.

Take these four steps for maximum ROI:

  • Create valuable content pieces
  • Launch and/or nurture your company blog
  • Engage in video marketing
  • Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Create Valuable Content Pieces

As shown above, manufacturing marketers lean heavily on content in email newsletters, blogs, pre-produced video, infographics, and case studies. All of these serve as examples of valuable content. Consider developing content that fills in gaps. Maybe it’s time for a new case study or infographic?


2. Launch and/or Nurture Your Company Blog

Blogs present an excellent medium for content at every step of the buyer’s journey. Use blogs to achieve these objectives:

  • Publish long-lasting content that will answer buyers’ questions.
  • Draw search traffic to your site with useful content.
  • Go in-depth on your products to increase buyer engagement.
  • Showcase your industry expertise to raise trust in your brand.

3. Engage in Video Marketing

Remember video content gets results.

  • Create videos with a purpose in mind.
  • Demonstrate a meaningful aspect of your brand that encourages buyers to take action.
  • Promote your video across marketing channels and social media platforms.

4. Focus on Search Engine Optimization

High-value content, tightly-focused blogs, and properly tagged video content will all improve your SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gains you maximum exposure to your target audience. That’s why SEO plays an outsized role in achieving sustainable company growth.

I encourage you to consider implementing these four manufacturing marketing action items in the coming year. As always, we’re about results. See our Portfolio for more ideas about how to supercharge your sales. Or, if you prefer, get in touch!

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