Marketing Automation and Personalization for Results

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Using Automation to Personalize the Buyer Experience

marketing automation and personalization driving increase in global market size for marketing automation from $11.4B in 2017 to $20.3B in 2021 with projections that it will reach $25.1B by 2023

More and more manufacturers are adopting marketing automation and personalization. Over the last 5 years, global marketing automation market size has grown from $11.4 billion to $20.3 billion, and, by 2022 it will be double its 2017 value.

Marketing Automation Done Right

You may worry that automation means the opposite of personalization. But the two don’t have to be at odds. As technology continues to evolve digital channels, manufacturers have embraced automated marketing strategies. Adopting automation increases efficiency. Still, how marketing automation gets applied matters.

You may have experienced “automated” communication from companies that’s generic and irrelevant to you. That’s not what I’m talking about here. Strategic data collection and application through a marketing automation platform designed for your business needs will improve personalization.

Automation Powers Better Personalization

The intersection of automation and personalization creates powerful manufacturing marketing communications. Through these tools, you can create content that speaks to your customers based on their actions and interests. Today’s customers value access to priority information, making automation increasingly popular with buyers, too. Therefore, manufacturers that utilize automation as a tool to better serve their customer’s information needs will see the best results.

5 Ways to Make Automation and Personalization Work Together

  • Prioritize homepage personalization and design
  • Emphasize the use of data points
  • Stay organized by collecting and storing data in good marketing automation system
  • Use dynamic content optimization
  • Get creative with email personalization

We’ve covered the importance of making the buyers’ jobs easier, now go further and personalize the buyer experience through marketing automation to foster customer relationships!

These tactics allow marketing automation and personalization to work together smoothly. StratMg also provides best practices knowledge that can be integrated.  I invite you to get in touch to talk about how you can utilize this strategy!

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