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What We Know About B2B industrial Manufacturer Buyers Online Behaviors

SEO for B2B small businesses matters more now than ever as 73% of industrial buyers consider two or more brands before making a purchasing decision.

For years now, industrial buyers have operated at the intersection of online and offline. Post-pandemic, we’re seeing a shift to even more online purchasing behaviors. That’s why search engine optimization, or SEO for B2B small businesses matters now more than ever.

To generate traffic, leads, and sales, we need to meet people with the information they want at the moment they want it.

SEO leads to higher website rankings in search results. Therefore, better SEO means more chances to “meet people” with information.

Optimize for Product Searches

The first step to becoming the supplier of choice: get found online! SEO for manufacturers and other B2B companies needs to be geared at buyers’ online behaviors.

More often than not, buyers start their search with a product, not a brand. Therefore, you’ll want to optimize for product searches.

Match Content to Their Search Interests

Nearly 3/4 of industrial manufacturing buyers look at two or more brands during their research phase.

To influence buyer decisions in your favor, anticipate buyers’ actions. Then, create content that satisfies their information appetite.

So, what do we know about the most common online behaviors for B2B purchasers?

What Buyers Do Online:

  • Consult online catalogs
  • Perform multiple Google searches
  • Visit branded websites to find product specifications
  • Compare brands on key factors according to their priorities (quality, turnaround time, price, technical assistance, etc.)

Faster Movement from Searching to Buying

Online research shortens the decision-making process. Buyers can move from broad online searches to deciding to make a purchase within a day.

Forget expecting multiple opportunities to influence buyers. Your main chance to make the sale occurs before you’re even aware of a prospect.

That’s why SEO for B2B small businesses gets so much attention. You have to first, get seen! And, ideally, you want to get seen first! Both goals rely on great SEO.

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