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6 Steps to Rank High in Searches and Appeal to Viewers

consider mobile device optimization to improve SEO for B2B YouTube Videos



One of the top ways to drive more relevant traffic to your company is through SEO for B2B YouTube videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

What’s more, the largest search engine, Google, has started to place video content at the top of search results.

Getting the Best Results from Your YouTube Channel

In an earlier post, I talked about setting up your YouTube channel. Recall that the content you place in your channel description feeds into SEO.

However, setting up your channel is only the beginning of SEO. Every video you upload can be optimized to enhance SEO for your YouTube channel.

6 Steps for Best Video Optimization Results.

  • 1. Post relevant, helpful content.
    • Prioritize videos that make your customers’ lives easier.
    • Consider what you can do to help your customers optimize how they use your products. These videos will perform much better than brand promotion content.
  • 2. Create custom thumbnail images for each video.
    • Create a custom, effective thumbnail image for each video you post.
    • This will be what people browsing through videos after a search will see.
  • 3. Optimize for mobile devices.
    • As you can see in the graph above, about 20% of traffic to YouTube is on a mobile device.
  • 4. Write a title that grabs viewers and sounds unique.
    • When writing a title, make it fit the content and your brand.
    • Include company keywords when you can do so naturally.
  • 5. Describe your video well.
    • Since algorithms cannot watch video, the video description is key for SEO.
    • Include keywords, a call-to-action (CTA), and a link to your website!
  • 6. Remember the tags!
    • To work, tags must be relevant to both your company and the content of the video.

Optimize Up Front for a Bigger Pay Off Down the Road

By optimizing each and every video for search engines, you will significantly increase your odds of being found by your target customers.

Since many industrial manufacturers are just getting into video marketing, the best opportunity for industrial companies is now.

As an SEO agency for small business, we’re seeing companies get ahead of the competition by improving SEO, including for B2B YouTube Videos. Get found faster on the YouTube video search engine and in Google internet searches!

We invite you to share your questions and ideas with us! To talk, connect on LinkedIn or Tweet us. Or get in touch through our website.


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