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7 Tips for Building a YouTube Channel that Delivers Excellent ROI

when you're building a B2B YouTube channel, consider how you will measure success. The graph shows metrics marketers use to measure success of video content as follows: video engagement 62%, video views 61%, Leads/clicks 60%, brand awareness 44%, customer engagement/retention 41%, bottom line sales 27%, and other 7%

Details matter when building a B2B YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel is so much more than a library of videos! It’s another landing page for your brand.

Whether you’re new to YouTube or ready to up your video marketing strategy, these tips will help you quickly focus on what matters most.

7 Tips to Boost ROI on Your B2B YouTube Channel

Experts agree that these 7 steps are essential for optimizing ROI on YouTube.

  • 1. Create a custom banner image that ties into your website look and feel.
  • 2. Include your company logo and/or brand icon.
  • 3. Place your other social profiles a click away by including social icons in your YouTube banner.
  • 4. Make the “About” section count! The description of your channel, like other marketing content, needs to focus on the benefits to your prospective and current customers.
    • Use your benefit statements based on your customer personas.
    • Let visitors know what to expect from your channel.
    • Show them how to get the most out of your content.
    • Include a Call to Action to direct users to your website.
  • 5. Segment your videos into playlists by types of videos to appeal to users at various stages of the buying cycle. Consider making videos, such as product guides, for customers, too!
    • Video blogs (aka vlogs)
    • Product demos
    • Webinars or other educational content for prospects and customers
  • 6. Create industry segment or product line playlists, too, if that applies to your company.
  • 7. Embed SEO-enhancing descriptors across your channel and the videos you post. (Watch for more about SEO for YouTube in a future post!)

Bonus YouTube Channel Tip!

You may not think about YouTube as a social platform, but it is! Too often, content creators focus on making good videos and forget about other aspects of this increasingly popular platform.

Stay connected. Read and reply to comments. Comment on videos in your business network.

I hope these tips on building a B2B YouTube channel help you think about ways to optimize results on your video marketing.

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