Top Business Goals for the New Year

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New Year, New Goals! What Companies Have Planned for 2022

top business goals for the new year


As we turn the corner into 2022, let’s look at five of the top business goals for the new year.

Beyond the obvious workforce and supply chain issues, we’re hearing leaders focusing on long term strategic priorities. Below are five areas B2B and manufacturing companies are paying attention to for long term success.

Five Business Goals for B2B and Manufacturing Companies

  • 1. Identify Company Strengths
    • Pause and take stock to identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Revise strategic plans to build on your strengths
  • 2. Set Priorities for 2022
    • Look for important activities that are being neglected
    • Elevate the level of attention they receive
  • 3. Improve Delegation and Upskill Workers
    • Match in-house employees with priority activities
    • Give valued employees the option of evolving their roles
    • Outsource activities that don’t match your current talent pool
  • 4. Manage Change Proactively
    • Learn from the lessons of 2021
    • Plan for unexpected change to happen
    • Create buffers against future business disruptions
  • 5. Find Opportunities
    • Replace lost business or grow with new markets
    • Expand markets for existing products or develop new products

Of course, these are only five ideas for goals. Your company may have completely different priorities. I hope these ideas get your goal-setting conversation started.

Once your new goals have been defined, you’ll be empowered to allocate resources to support great results.

That’s where the planning ends and the action starts.

Next Steps for Achieving Your Goals

As a business owner, I know that it’s hard make time for strategic planning. And harder still to shift ways of doing business to follow a new plan.

Here’s one trick we’ve seen work: Start with small changes. Make one small change at a time, and the results will add up.

We’d love to hear about your top business goals for the new year. What plans will you be taking action on in 2022? Get in touch with us on LinkedIn or Tweet us. We’re always happy to talk!


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