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Strategies to Capture More Sales Now

ultimate sales revenue growth: the results of a short- and long-term sales growth strategy 43% growth in organic users to website; 1000+ engage prospects in first six months; 30% increased in qualified leads pipeline; retained sales growth at 2x the industry average

Long-term growth strategies matter. And, unfortunately, they typically cannot be implemented overnight. That’s why starting with short-term strategies while putting long-term changes in place leads to ultimate sales revenue growth.

Boost Sales Short-term While Implementing a Long-term Growth Strategy

In one example, a client saw 30% year-over-year qualified sales pipeline growth and 2x the industry average in retained sales growth.

We know this two-fold approach gets better results. So, when we partner with industrial manufacturers on growth, we first launch a short-term growth strategy. Then, while faster, easier changes get made, long-term strategies can be put in motion.

Customer Retention = Short-term Revenue Growth

Every company brings a unique set of circumstances and resources to the table. As market strategy partners, we evaluate strengths and challenges before coming up with a plan. The one constant: Pay more attention to your current customers.

Solidify your relationship with customers:

  • Be seen as a trusted advisor.
  • Make it easy for customers to do business with you
  • Personalize services


Nurture Your Customers for Faster Sales Growth

  • Leverage a marketing automation platform
  • Craft dynamic nurture flows
  • Use nurture campaigns to educate customers on the overall capabilities of your company
  • Stay front and center to key decision-makers
  • Track customer engagement and score leads
  • Pass opportunities over to the sales team for further follow up


Next Steps for Ultimate Sales Growth

Hold a meeting with your marketing and sales teams and partners in strategic marketing. Take a look at what you need to do now to capture more sales in the next two quarters.

  • Are you making the most of your marketing automation platform?
  • Need to implement one?
  • Maybe now is the time to refresh your nurture flows.

Whatever your short-term growth strategy, start now. Find meaningful, yet achievable changes and execute them for ultimate sales revenue growth.

Once short-term strategies have been acted on, start thinking about strategies for new customer acquisition.

In the meantime, get in touch if you’re interested in having a conversation about sales-driven growth strategies.

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With over two decades of experience, Parin leads an expert demand-generation agency, StratMg, that helps industrial manufacturing clients achieve unambiguous and quantified organic sales growth across the US, EMEA & APAC.

Parin has built & positioned StratMg to be a value-added marketing services provider that strives to create a culture of quantified sales-driven marketing initiatives leading to sustained business growth through channel management, diversification, new customer acquisition and retention strategies and tactical execution.

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