Why “Old-School” Email Newsletter Lead Nurturing Reigns

[dot_recommends] June 2, 2021 Manufacturing Marketing Tactics

31% of B2B Marketers Say Newsletters Perform Best for Nurturing Leads

email newsletter lead nurturing is the top performing marketing tactic according to 31% of B2B marketers surveyed. The other top tactics were blog posts at 13% and in-person events and case studies at 9% each

Providing relevant information quickly is the top content priority for industrial manufacturing marketers in 2021. Email newsletter lead nurturing is making a comeback as B2B companies return to the tried-and-true marketing tactics in uncertain times.

To be clear, newsletters cannot replace social media and other “new school” tactics. Still, B2B marketers have shifted more attention to newsletters in 2021 because they work.

Why do newsletters work so well for B2B lead nurturing?

  • Newsletters reliably reach the intended audience
  • Newsletters allow for hyper-personalized messaging

Let’s dive into this a bit deeper.

Newsletters reach the intended audience better than social media

Social media platforms increasingly demand companies to “pay to play.” Long gone are days when following a brand on social media meant you would see their posts. Now, companies have to “boost” content, meaning convert it to paid advertising, to ensure most followers see it. Manufacturing email newsletters have an approximate 20% open rate, on average. This may seem small, but it is as much as 10x the percentage of followers on social media who will get shown non-paid content from company pages.

Newsletters allow for hyper-personalized messaging

Through segmentation of your lead database, you can reach each segment with a hyper-personalized version of your newsletter. Segment your leads based on their behavior online and offline if you have sales contact with them. Then, focus the information in the newsletter to what each segment is most likely to want in that moment. For more on personalization in email marketing, see this previous StratMg blog post.

What does this mean for your manufacturing company?

Now is a good time to ensure your lead database has the required segmentation to make email newsletter lead nurturing most effective. Check out our free white paper guides to Audience Segmentation in our Learning Center. I also invite you to contact us to start a conversation about improving results for your lead nurture campaigns.


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