Capturing Online B2B Sales

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Three Steps for Manufacturers to Capture Your Share of the Online Shopping Season Revenue


Capturing online B2B sales requires you achieve three things for your buyers: be easy to find, easy to work with, and easy to buy from


The key to capturing online B2B sales? Make your customer’s life as easy and predictable as possible.

  • First, be easy to find.
  • Second, be easy to work with.
  • Third, be easy to buy from. 


Make It Easy to Find You (SEO)

Buyers want to use the web to cut down on the need to call a long list of potential suppliers. During the first phase of their buyer’s journey, they’re going to start with a search.

  • Getting on the short list of suppliers only happens if you get found.  This means that your company website needs to appear toward the top in search results.
  • Check your search ranking for phrases your prospects are searching. If you’re not happy with the results, work on search engine optimization (SEO) with a small business SEO consultant.

As an SEO agency for small business, we’re available to advise on SEO best practices for manufacturing. Our approach as a strategic partner and extension to your team means we’re happy to talk with you about your goals.

Make It Easy to Work With You

Consider some of the ways our manufacturing partners have made it easier for buyers to work with them:

  • Open multiple channels of communication.
    • Can buyers text you their questions?
    • Now might be a good time to make that possible.
  • Monitor response time metrics.
    • Aim for as close to real-time responses as possible given your resources.
    • A late response to an online inquiry could cost you the opportunity.
  • Be transparent.
    • Make the buying process obvious.
    • Communicate anything that might be unexpected.
    • Lead times extended right now? Shipping costs up? Put it all out there.

Make It Easy to Buy From You

This comes down to having a highly functional website. Your online sales process needs to flow without a hitch from start to finish.

  • Test your online buying process.
  • Note any sticking points and fix them.
  • Test it again.
  • Get people who are unfamiliar with your site to test it.
  • Collect and apply user feedback on your site.

Keeping these three critical factors in mind will support you in capturing online B2B sales now and into the future.

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