How Will Google BERT Affect SEO?

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What Google's new AI natural language processor means for your website


Number of explicit core search queries powered by search engines in the United States as of January 2021

Industrial manufacturing marketing SEO relies on matching your website content with search engine behavior. With Google leading search engines dramatically—as shown in the graph above—it’s essential that marketers keep up with changes made to how the Google search engine processes query text.

Google recently made a major change to how searches are processed. Google BERT—the new Google search update powered by AI and machine learning—now applies to all Google searches. So what difference does BERT make?

Google reports that BERT will change the outcomes of 10% of all US searches. That’s hundreds of millions of searches every day! So how should your marketing respond to the introduction of BERT?

The main thing BERT changes is how the search query is processed. Rather than each word being considered separately, the BERT language processor considers the order of words for better contextual results. You learn more about the technical details in this article from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

  • Don’t try to game the system! What BERT does best is match searchers INTENT with CONTENT. You can’t game that and you don’t want to. You’ll just get irrelevant traffic to your site.
  • Now, more than ever, you must optimize your content for your audience. Know your audience. What are buyers in your industry typing into the search bar? Make sure the natural language that buyers are using appears on your site.

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