Rising Manufacturing Cybersecurity Threats

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300% Increase in Cyber Attacks Against Manufacturers Raises Alarms

Rising manufacturing cybersecurity threats shared by all sectors. This statistic shows the types of cybercrime attacks most commonly experienced by companies in the United States in 2019. Phishing accounted for 38 percent of data security incidents of U.S. companies. Network intrusion was 32%. Inadvertent disclosure was 12%. Stolen or lost device or records was 8%. System misconfiguration was 5% of cyberattacks


Lately we’ve been hearing more about rising manufacturing cybersecurity threats. Ransomware, phishing and other cyberattacks against manufacturers grew 300% year-over-year from 2019 to 2020.

Given the escalation of cybersecurity threats, I’m posting a two-part cybersecurity series. First, let’s explore what got us to this place. The next post will look at how manufacturers are responding to the rising threat.

What Cybersecurity Attackers Crave: Company Data

Even when money motivates attackers—as it does for ransomware attacks, stealing company data remains the main goal. After all, without control of your data, they can’t demand a ransom.

Company data can also be monetized in other ways. Attackers operate with stealth to gain access to more data. Attacks may go undetected for months or years as attackers gather sensitive customer and company data.

And with today’s connected operations systems, attackers have more opportunities to break into your network.

Unique Manufacturing Cyberattack Vulnerabilities

The IT-OT convergence provides essential real-time data to manufacturers. It also opens up opportunities for hackers. As manufacturers connect their industrial control systems (ICS)—especially older OT systems—to the internet, they introduce risk.

Increased Temptation for Cyber Criminals

The bottom line is manufacturers possess attractive data targets. Increased connectivity and digitalization has gotten the attention of cyber criminals. But we’re not powerless.

My next post will cover 8 ways manufacturers are responding to combat rising manufacturing cybersecurity threats.

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