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The Role of Content in Qualified Lead Generation

Qualified Lead Generation funnel for complex sales stratgy in industrial manufacturing

Strategic manufacturing lead generation connects marketing to sales. Marketers are constantly aware of the need to generate more sales leads…now. But when it comes to leads, more does not necessarily mean better. A flood of ordinary, everyday leads does not mean that successful sales will follow.

Last week we talked about setting content goals for your company. One of the most common industrial manufacturing content goals is to identify and nurture Marketing Qualified Leads.

Marketing Qualified Leads are “warm” leads that have completed actions that show they have an increased readiness to complete a purchase over cold leads. They are not ready to handed over to sales as “hot” leads, but they are worth extra attention.

Content can be the key to sifting leads to identify warm, Marketing Qualified Leads. For example, a Marketing Qualified Lead may have done one or more of these actions:

  • Downloaded a white paper from your website
  • Visited a landing page or other designated page on your website (for example an FAQ page or Product or Service page)
  • Completed a contact form on the site
  • Signed up for your email list

Specific actions you want leads to complete will differ based on your company goals and your ideal customer characteristics. Think about it this way: What will enable your marketing team to judge how well the lead fits the profile of a good customer?

Strategic manufacturing lead generation will help you generate highly qualified sales leads that will result in a predictable and a shortened sales cycle along with an increase in conversion rates.

Learn more about how to navigate the complex sales process in our free white paper “Lead Generation Strategic Planning”. Or, get in touch for a conversation about what a Marketing Qualified Lead looks like for your company.

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